Let’s Begin With a Definition of a Reality

To have a scientific and intellectually significant conversation about birth procedures and customs in the world we are living in (the first world industrialized corporate world) it is necessary to understand the significates of culture on the social morays and the reality of the birthing women who are living in these cultures.  


When I refer to a “reality” I’m referring to a consensual reality or human culture. It is not hyperbole to talk about culture as reality, since human beings can’t experience anything at all without the filters and meanings that culture provides. Culture is traditionally considered the expression of human life-ways, our dress, art, and cuisine, our ways and means, but culture also determines what is possible and true, what exists or does not exist, who we humans are and what the meaning of our lives may be.

In a practical way, cultures are the realities in which we live, and if there is a reality that exists without culture, humanity will never know. What is culture and what is cultural conditioning?

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